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About FFF

Our vision: healthy people on a healthy planet

What is the Frank Fenner Foundation?

The Frank Fenner Foundation is a unique institution that aims to fill a gap in the public dialogue, understanding and policy response to human-driven and global-scale threats to Earth, its life forms and systems.

It is named after the late Professor Frank Fenner AC in recognition of his lifelong commitment to the health of humankind and of the natural environment.

It is an independent, non-profit and organisation with active links to the research, education, government, commercial and community sectors.

See our online magazine "A Frank Life" here: A Frank Life Magazine

See our journal "Nature and Society" here: Nature and Society Journal

You can download the FFF constitution here

The Foundation is:

  • Politically independent: we are non-partisan and seek to work with all opinion leaders and decision makers
  • Evidence based: we base our work on comprehensively researched science
  • Collaborative: we openly work with and support others to achieve shared goals

The Foundation aims to:

    1. Promote understanding across the community of the human place in nature and of the full spectrum of ecological and related health issues that confront our society today.
    2. Promote informed dialogue among influential thinkers and leaders about the social changes necessary to achieve a biosensitive future.
    3. Facilitate or undertake inter-disciplinary research to improve understanding of the human situation in the biosphere.
    4. Establish collaborative partnerships with other research and educational institutions, government agencies, the business sector and community organisations in the context of human and ecological health.


What is biosensitivity? Click here to watch a video made by volunteer Zenia Xie to learn more!


"Microbes to Macrobes: The Story of Frank Fenner" is a documentary made by Richard Jasek, and we highly recommend it for an understanding of Frank Fenner.


Frank Fenner Foundation is a Registered Environmental Organisation and is recognised by the Australian Taxation Office as a deductible gift recipient (ABN 52 456 986 523).



FFF Chair Peter Tait was awarded the prestigious public health award, the Sidney Sax Medal, for efforts to promote and protect the public's health, including promoting planetary health. "By which I mean, living respectfully in tune with Nature", Peter said. "This really is a team award; totally unlocked for and unexpected. I stand on the shoulders, of Giants. Tony McMichael, Stephen Boyden, and many others, who have shaped my thinking for decades."


The FFF supported puppeteer Marianne in a successful grant application for 2018, and will continue working with her on our education projects next year. Here she is with some of her puppets. Exciting stuff!

Next FFF Member talk: 

Creating Real Hope for Young People, a presentation by Andrew Gaines, exploring innovative ways of helping people think better to solve global warming and other issues.