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Resources on this website for action to achieve a biosensitive society

Being active politically and socially
How to write an effective letter
A guide to influencing the policy process
Campaign strategy

Human Ecology: Basic Concepts for Sustainable Development Gerry Marten 2001Traditional Agriculture in Southeast Asia: A Human Ecology Perspective Gerry Marten 1986
EcoTipping Points project Gerry Marten

Book reviews
Overshoot by William Catton
Greenhouse Solutions with Sustainable Energy by Mark Diesendorf

Movies, documentaries and DVDs
What a Way to Go - DVD 2007
A response to "The Great Global Warming Swindle"

Practical guides
Helping homebuyers choose a low-energy, self reliant house - a checklist
Tips on Energy Efficient Light Bulbs
Australian Greenhouse Calculator

Planetary boundaries
Time for honesty on climate and energy policy
Limits to growth, planetary boundaries, and planetary health - Colin D Butler

Climate Change media
Climate Change Media

Intergovernmental Science Policy Platform for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services

Interesting links