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Our Volunteer Team

Jessie Smith

Jessie took over the intern position at the FFF in March 2017 from Rose. Her duties include coordinating the volunteers, updating the website, writing member updates, and general day-to-day admin. She studied a Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies (Sustainability) at ANU, and will commence her Honours next year. Particularly interested in sustainable development, cultural transformation and biodiversity conservation, in her spare time Jessie enjoys swimming, reading novels, and exploring the ACT.


Rachael Robb

Rachael is beginning the intern position in 2018, held previously by Jessie Smith, who is now commencing her Honours. She will be coordinating volunteers, writing member updates, helping with general day-to-day admin, and excitingly joining the engagement projects team. Rachael has studied a Bachelor in Resource and Environmental Management at ANU and will be beginning an Honours project on grassland restoration at Mulligans Flat later in the year. She is interested in ecological interconnections, biodiversity conservation, reading, and various artistic pursuits.


Samuel Nyamekye

Samuel is from Ghana, and currently studying a Masters of Environment at the Fenner School, ANU. He has been with the Frank Fenner Foundation since August 2017. His academic interests include developing environmental policies, with particular passion for improving environmental policies in Africa. Samuel's hobbies are listening to music, and playing the drums.

Kat Vincent

Kat has volunteered with the Fenner Foundation for a year, and is currently undertaking her Masters in Climate Change at ANU, with an interest in water security, access and governance. She's had experience in coordinating a compunity water quality monitoring program, and reviewing intergovernmental agreements on water. In her spare time, Kat enjoys rock climbing, surfing, writing, and learning about sustainable design.

Yufeng Song

Song has been with the FFF since July 2017. He is currently undertaking a Bachelor of Environment and Sustainability, and his major is sustainable development. Song is interested in exploring environmental policy and resource management for urban planning. More specifically, he is interested in how to effectively combine the dense research outcomes of environmental science with actual policy making. In his spare time, Song likes swimming, playing badminton and watching sci-fi movies.
He is currently working as a member of the FFF summer program, which includes reviewing a series of reports from the Ginninderry Project.

Zenia Xie

Zenia is in her last semester of Bachelor of Science/Asia-Pacific Studies. She has an interest in environmental policy, natural resource management, climate science, as well as peace and conflict studies.  Zenia enjoys studying the how and why humans interact with each other and the environment under different circumstances.

Ahmed Al Ghardaqa

Ahmed joined as researcher and started volunteering at the Frank Fenner Foundation since mid 2017.  He is currently studying a Masters of Laws in Environmental Law at the ANU, College of Law. In his undergraduate studies he completed a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture at the University of Canberra. Ahmed's academic interests revolve around Design, Architecture and the Environment. Along side sustainability, urban and regional planning and International environmental policies. In his spare time Ahmed enjoys being creative by making art and writing, as well as reading. He is also an avid sports man, enjoying horse back riding, Muay Thai and Brazilian jiu-jitsu.


Andrea Song


Morgan Alexander


Ginny Harding


Eav Brennan


Luca See Chia Hui


Valerie Ye