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The Frank Fenner Foundation seeks to catalyse far-reaching social and cultural change by promoting an understanding of the place of humans and their societies in the natural world. We aim to promote the changes for long term human survival and prosperity through education and research, focusing on how we can live respectfully in-tune and integrated with other species and our planet Earth.

We call this the biosensitive approach.

Biosensitivity is the pathway to an ecologically and socially sustainable, just and equitable human society.

For more about biosensitivity, Click here to watch a video made by volunteer Zenia Xie to learn more!

More about Biosensitive Practices further down this page

Biosensitive Principles and Framework  

Enviro Puppet Movement

Come to make, create, play and learn about the environment through puppetry this school holidays (1-12 October 2018)! Two five day, morning or afternoon, intensive workshops open now! Hurry, limited places! See events calendar for October.

Enviro Puppet Movement

A group of students from ANU, Fenner School of Environment and Society are collaborating with the Frank Fenner Foundation to gain a better understanding of clothing consumption trends in Canberra.  We hope this information will contribute to some work around reducing unnecessary consumption in Canberra and waste going to landfill.   Please click on the link below and fill in the survey form Click Here.

Rob Harding's latest article on human migration published by Stanford University's MAHB (iPaul Ehrlich's organization)

Click here.

The Bionarrative


The story of life on Earth, and of human civilisation as part of this story, is of overarching significance for every one of us ... Yet it is known and understood by only a small section of the human community. If this story were embraced by the prevailing cultures of the world, the future prospects for humankind would be much brighter. We refer to this story as the bionarrative.
Why is understanding this story so important? Here, very briefly, are some of the reasons.