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Young Person’s Plan for the Planet

Young Persons Plan for the Planet (YPPP)

Frank Fenner Foundation is delighted to join with the Young Persons Plan for the Planet (YPPP). This is a project initiated by Ian Chambers, author of ‘Planning for the Planet’. During 2017 a pilot program was run involving senior students from 15 schools across Australia who considered the application of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals in their region. Each school identified ten SDGs which the local region was embracing in some way and ten SDGs where there were serious gaps. They then prioritised their work down to three to four elements and developed plans for implementing action on those chosen elements. Schools shared ideas and research using monthly YouTube sessions. The program is supported by a number of Universities, including UNSW, ANU, JCU and Curtin. Two representatives from each school came together in Canberra during National Science Week to launch the program and to discuss their findings with parliamentarians. In 2018 it is planned to expand the number of schools engaged, as well as to pilot the program in some other countries. When possible the program will be extended to actively engage Councils in implementation projects.

YPPP Overview